About Us

Drink and Sing, number one Karaoke Pub in Lebanon




“Drink & Sing” is a Karaoke Chain of Pubs started back to 2002, offering a set of high quality real karaoke songs, provided by famous international karaoke companies as well as their latest Arabic karaoke productions. As the result of the expenditure of time, skill, effort and money “Drink & Sing” now has 10 various branches located in: Monot, Gemmayzeh, Broumana, Antelias, Zouk, Jeita, Jbeil, Batroun, Jounieh and Chtaura, developing continuously reasonable business judgment, a unique and distinctive system relating to the establishment and operation of full-bar service. THE FRANCHISED LOCATION “Drink and Sing” is granted the right to own and operate a Karaoke Pub at a specific address and location. It has space available for 50 to 90 people.